Today we are so excited to share with you — our DG Tribe — our free eBook, ‘HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR LIFE CRISIS’.

Life crisis — that stretch of time in your life where you might become somewhat doubtful or disillusioned about where you are in life or where you’re heading. It seems like you haven’t accomplished certain things in life you thought you would by now — and fear you never will. It’s that unsettling period of self-reflection punctuated by a longing to make greater changes in areas such as career, work-life balance, romance, money or physicality. At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself:

“What am I doing?”

“Why am I here?”

“Is this all there is?” 

“What next?”

Some of you will experience a life crisis, while others won’t.


This beautiful free eBook is for the ones who will.

This is a tool to guide and help you move through a quarter or mid life crisis — a phase of life that can often be confusing and unsettling but deeply soul-stirring and transformative.

Though the entire process of a life crisis — or transformation — is dependent on so many variables, there are a number of practices you can put in place to ensure it becomes a positive experience of self growth and realisation.

This book shares some insight into the signs, symptoms and triggers of a life crisis and of course guidance on how you can take action to ensure you’re well-equipped to embrace change and become someone even greater.

There’s plenty of gorgeous space for you to journal this process, complete the suggested exercises and explore your thoughts and feelings.

This is your chance to learn how to treat this as a time of acceptance and learning in order to become the highest version of yourself.

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