Today at The Daily Guru we are blessed to have the incredibly talented Georgie Duddy in the hot seat.  

Georgie is the creative brainchild behind After the Rock- an exceptional Wedding Consultancy based in Sydney, which offers more than the traditional wedding service…!  This girl is absolutely oozing with creative flair and this talent has clearly been a huge factor in her success.   We were so excited to sit down with Georgie and to pick her brains on what drives her, why she decided Weddings were to be a part of her journey and what really makes her tick…

Georgie, share with us some insights into the best part of your job…

Waking up every morning with a huge smile on my face, knowing my day is full of variety and excitement and I can choose exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it, each and every day!

My clients are amazing. I get to assist with making the wedding planning journey for my couples super fun, streamlined and stress free.  And on top of that, I get to be creative daily, bring online programs to life, do podcasts, blogs, research…its all pretty amazing really.  #entrepreneurlyf

Why did you chose this field of work?

I wanted to create a job that I was truly passionate about. After 7 years as an event manager and business owner, I knew what I enjoyed about my job, and what I didn’t! I took a year or two off, travelled, fell in love and then sat down and thought about what added up when I put everything I love and everything I was good at on paper.

I found a real gap between ´Do-it-yourself´ weddings and full wedding planning. I thought ‘what if I could be a Bridey BFF to these girls, show them the way a professional planner would plan their wedding, style like a stylist, and become a logistics queen with ease’ and After the Rock was born! A wedding is the start of a new life together, it’s a new chapter in each couples journey and often the most important day for them to date. How lucky am I to be involved with that!

What has the greatest challenge in your career been?

Selling my last successful business to chase my dreams – especially when I didn’t know what they were! I knew I was not happy nor passionate about what I was doing anymore and I certainly wasn’t following my life’s purpose, however leaving the comfort of a ‘sure thing’ was scary and so confusing at the time. I always felt it was my business partners business more than mine… and I wanted to find and feel that passion for myself.

What is the funniest misconceptions about your industry?

That all brides must be bridezillas!! Ha, makes me laugh even thinking about it. My Bridey’s are all amazing.

Planning your wedding when you haven’t organised anything larger than your besties birthday dinner for 8 is like walking into your job on the first day and being asked to present the company’s 10 year plan. Knowledge is power!

Who has been the most influential person in your career?

Today – I would say Marie Forleo has been pretty freaking influential in the way that she has created her dream job being exactly who she is. Creating a business and life you love – that’s what it’s all about.

That said, I have been surrounded by an incredible tribe. My biggest word of advice for wanna-be entrepreneurs is SURROUND yourself with good people. From a business coach to superstars in the industry to people you look up to that have incredible vision – no matter what field they are in. You are the product of who you are surrounded by so make great choices and let the influence inspire you.


If you could give one piece of advice to your 18 year old self, what would it be?

Ask questions and LISTEN more. Also, work out your desired feelings. How do you truly want to feel throughout your life? And what do you need to do to achieve those feelings?

We focus on what career we should have, living up to the expectations that others have of us and trying to be ‘successful’. But we see it everyday – people with all the money in the world who are severely depressed, or have worked their whole lives slogging away to wake up and ask themselves ‘was it all worth it?’. If you follow how you want to feel you will get everything you desire. Including the money

Your greatest achievement has been…

Funnily enough, not the awards or the huge bids won – but allowing myself to do what I love and not make excuses for it or letting my ego get in my way. Giving myself the power to create my own life and telling the fear to step aside.

What is the greatest personal challenge you have overcome?

Debilitating anxiety. I became so stressed out that literally 50% of my hair fell out. It was a huge wake up call. For years, I thought that chest pounding breathless feeling 24/7, major procrastination, tight throat and exhaustion were the norm if you ran a business. I self medicated with alcohol and burning the candle at both ends.

It took a huge change in my lifestyle – I completely changed my diet and exercise schedule, added in yoga and meditation to my life, and saw some amazing experts to get it under control naturally. Biggest game changer of my life!

You don’t understand why…

People don’t take more chances in life. What’s the worst that could happen?

How do you spend your time when relaxing?

Meditation and Yoga – Yum-aste.

What is your biggest fear?

Looking back in 40 years from now and saying ‘I wish I had done more’

What can’t you live without?

Raw caramel slice… and my Marc

Complete this sentence- I really wish I had…

The direct digits to Oprah. Ha.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt in life so far?

When faced with a ‘problem’ asking myself the question ‘Will this matter a year from now?’ If it’s a no, then it doesn’t matter. move on.

If I had one super power it would be….

To be able to see what someone’s passion is just by looking at them. So many people are searching for their passion and just don’t know how to find it – I’d love to be able to just tell them! If we are going for superhero style – i’d go for invisibility!

If you could invite four people to a dinner party- who would they be?

Danielle La Porte, Marie Forleo, Oprah and Arianna Huffington


More more information about Georgie and After The Rock, make sure you visit the and book in for a consultation.



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