What are your most common emotions?

During the holiday season, family comes together, friends pack picnics, work slows down, and you finally have time to rejoice in the simple pleasures: the sun, the beach, that book, slow-cooked dinners.

This post-festive time of year beckons you to take stock of the year that has been (and my golly was 2016 been a big one!) and check in with how you are on an emotional level.

Very simply, our emotions are our body’s feedback system. If you feel positive, you are reminded you’re on the right track. When the negative ones creep on in, it’s a reminder to listen and understand what might need to change or shift so you kind find that equilibrium again.


Actually pinpointing how we feel and why isn’t as easy as it seems though.

To help you take an emotional audit this holiday season, we have created the below exercise for you. Find some quiet time, pour yourself a cuppa and become aware of what your most common emotions are.

We suggest approaching this exercise in this way:


After reading all the emotions, identify the top ten emotions you likely feel on a regular basis


From this ten, whittle this number down to your most common five emotions (and if emotions you feel are not listed here, add them to the list)


Without judgment, take in this observation. Notice whether this makes you pleased, or maybe, a little disappointed


Grab your journal, reflect on the exercise and what you have discovered, and make this an opportunity to go forward into 2017 with fresh awareness of how you want to feel


Return to the list, and now write the ten emotions you would like to feel most commonly in the New Year


Now turn these ten into your most desired five… This is from where your New Year will start!


Abundant Anticipation Annoyed Attractive
Awe Comfortable Compassion Confident
Connected Impatient Bored Enthusiasm
Freedom Fulfilled Grateful Happy
Discouraged Hopeful Inspired Interested
Joy Love Worthy Optimistic
Passionate Peaceful Uncertain Productive
Proud Relaxed Safe Satisfied
Exhausted Strong Successful Wealthy
Passive Anxious Guilty Intimidated
Powerful Wise Rejoiceful Open
Fearful Insecure Motivated Trust
Disconnected Spacious Happy Underwhelmed


As Danielle La Porte says,

“We fumble and we soar, we create and we retreat. And we definitely fly higher when we steer toward our core desired feelings.”


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