Are you a lawyer who dreams of whiling away your day in a light-filled art studio?

A sales exec who’d prefer to be harvesting your organic farm? Or maybe you’d like to be a tradie-turned-online entrepreneur or a graphic designer-come-life coach?


Perhaps — even after decades spent in the work force — a question mark still hovers over what you actually want to be when you grow up.

Whatever the case, if you’re not doing what you love and loving what you’re doing right now — know you’re not alone.

So many people — despite years of study, hard work and ‘success’ — find themselves smack bang in the midst of a career that just doesn’t feel good. Worse still, they’re either afraid to make the leap towards their ultimate dream gig, or just don’t know how.


Whether it’s your finances, outside expectations, comfort zone or lack of know-how that’s holding you back, we’re sharing some advice on how you can make a career change into meaningful and satisfying work. 


Understand that ‘work’ doesn’t have to be a drag

‘Work’ gets a bad rap sometimes. So many people associate it with monotony, mediocrity and a lack of fulfillment and refer to it as the ‘rat race’, ‘the daily grind’ or the ‘hard slog’.

It’s often seen purely as a way to pay the bills or make ends meet. But since we spend such a hefty chunk of our lives exchanging our time and energy for money — shouldn’t we at least get a little (more) satisfaction in return?

How would you feel if you changed your attitude towards the idea of ‘work’? What if you went far beyond the pursuit of wealth or financial freedom and placed more emphasis on being of service, sharing your talents and honouring your passions or higher purpose?

What would it take to feel this way?


Act on your passions

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

What would that job be?

Often, the key to finding fulfilling and enjoyable work is in figuring out what lights you up — and parlaying that into a viable business or role that is in service of others.

But before you get to the job title, begin with pinpointing your passion. This may not be obvious to begin and you may uncover more than one.

Just go deep, do some inner soul-searching and look for the clues.

Ask yourself:

What puts a spring in my step? What do I do in my spare time?

What do I value?

What would I do if I knew I could not fail? What would I do if money was no object?

What would I leap out of bed to do each day? Would it be to create, teach, inspire, heal, write or motivate?


Consider the opportunity around those passions

Once you’ve uncovered your passions, you can begin to join the dots.

How can you turn that passion or hobby into a lucrative gig? How can you use it for the greater good? How can you create, teach, inspire, heal, write or motivate in exchange for an income?

Do some research and track down people before you who have turned similar passions into a career. What are they doing? How did they do it?

Reach out and connect with them. Ask questions, get answers.

And more importantly, how can you do it better — or differently? How can you do it in a way that is uniquely you?


Try it on for size

Before you hand in your resignation, get a business loan or make some other radical move, test the waters first.

Volunteer in the field, do work experience, moonlight.  See what this ideal profession or business is really like before you make the sacrifice.


Play on your current skills and strength

Is a complete change of career really what you need?

Maybe it’s not about playing on your passions in order to find your purpose —passions can be fickle, after all.

Maybe you just need to do what you’re already doing in a way that feels and works better?

Marie Forleo actually says skills and strengths trump passion when it comes to doing deeply rewarding work that matters.

“When you employ your natural strengths as well as skills you’ve honed and mastered over time, satisfaction abounds,” she says.

So instead of jumping ship, consider how you can stay in your zone of genius and instead repackage your existing skills, experience and abilities into something new and exciting.

Can you stay in the industry but diversify your role or business? Take a secondment? Wear a new hat?


Let go of limiting beliefs

What’s keeping you locked in the proverbial cubical?

In order to build a happy and rewarding career, it’s imperative to overcome whatever mindset is keeping you stuck and small. If you don’t, your limitations will you follow you wherever you go.

Consider your mindset towards everything from money to success, power, self worth and abundance. What action can you take to kibosh any destructive thoughts or behaviours that prevent you from doing what you really want to do?

Understand what you’re truly capable of — you better believe you can do it.



What does your dream career look like? How does it feel? How do you spend your day?

Who is your ideal client or customer? What’s your income? What do you wear?

Where is your office? What are your work hours? Who are your colleagues?

Visualise, visualise, visualise and open yourself up to the opportunity.


Make a plan and take action

Determine the inspired action you need to take that will move you out of the realm of ‘I want to be’ and into ‘I am’.

Put yourself in the way of opportunity — research, network, seek, apply, create, build.

What else do you need?  Financial backing? Qualifications? Resources? How are you going to get it? When are you going to get it?  Working with a coaching company can be a fantastic decision when faced with so many important questions!  They are the experts and its well worth the investment- trust us!



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