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“Ultimately The Daily Guru encourages women to recognize that there is sooo much more to life than what exists within their current routines. We are passionate about educating and inspiring our amazing tribe to make better decisions for themselves, and to provide them with the tools to create the life they deserve”

– Rebecca Caines, Founder of The Daily Guru


The Daily Guru is an online publication that provides free, fresh and easy to digest, daily content for aspirational women. We discuss, research and explore challenges women talk about day–to day with their friends about professional, personal and romantic life challenges.

No longer is there a distinct line between our professional and personal lives and therefore development opportunities are also beginning to cross over. Recognising this trend, The Daily Guru offers a holistic approach to development, bringing it all under one roof!

Our publication brings the Gurus from the industry to you- sharing their expert advice and insights daily. We believe, there is no such thing as a bad decision… People make the best decision possible, based on the knowledge and information they have at the time. Our Gurus are here to help you create the future you deserve.


We will share informed, expert and relevant insights that will challenge your thinking, inspire your future decisions and offer useful advice for real life challenges.

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Rebecca Caines

Founder & Editor

Rebecca is the Editor & Founder of The Daily Guru and is also our very own adoring personal development Guru. She is one talented lady- with over 10 years’ experience in international Event Management, as well as being a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wellbeing Enthusiast and above all, wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves.

Rebecca believes there is no greater gift than helping someone discover their hidden talents – the ones that make them unique and exceptional. She loves the experience of sharing knowledge and information with people which then allows them to make different decisions for themselves, as well as helping them improve their overall life experience.

When Rebecca was younger her father used to say to her – ‘life is not a dress rehearsal!’ This philosophy stuck with Rebecca and has given her the encouragement and confidence to make bold and exciting decisions for herself throughout her life. She recognizes how much we all need a helping hand to overcome obstacles and to decide what it is we actually want from life.

Through The Daily Guru, Rebecca is working hard to share this philosophy with our community. Working with some of the most inspiring Gurus in the industry – she wants to encourage women from all around the world- to be brave, grow, seek more information, embrace new ideas and ultimately help create the life they deserve.

Robyn Beaumont

Content Manager & Creative

Robyn is our Content Manager. She overseas the collation, set up and delivery of all our amazing content shared via The Daily Guru. Robyn combines her obsessive compulsive nature and her keen eye for detail, to ensure everything behind the scenes runs super smoothly.

Robyn is a ‘Germasian’ (German/Chinese/Australian) pocket rocket, who spent majority of her childhood travelling, experiencing and exploring the world.

She is a qualified Gymnastics Coach and believes wholeheartedly in a Holistic Lifestyle Approach and that avocado goes with everything. Her passions include cooking, running, yoga and spending time with her beloved Dachshund Rizzo.

Follow her daily life on Instagram @robynbeaumont or visit her website www.robynbeaumont.com

Jenna Fairbairn

Writer & Copy Editor

Meet Jenna Fairbairn, our incredibly talented resident Writer & Copy Editor for The Daily Guru.  Jenna is a Holistic Health Coach and Freelance Writer who lives on the Gold Coast with her husband Mitch and daughter Violet.

A journalist by trade, Jenna honed her writing skills in print news before moving into Public Relations and, eventually, Corporate Communications for a global blue chip organisation.

After becoming a Mama, Jenna decided to bid farewell to the corporate world and focus on Radiant Sprout, which combines her love of wellness, personal development, nourishing food — and the written word.

Jenna joined The Daily Guru in early 2015 and has made a huge impact on the team- ensuring the quality of our content matches our brand values & has a warm welcoming feel, ensuring our tribe love to come back and visit us on a regular basis.

Jenna specialises in print and online editorial, copywriting and editing for health and wellbeing publications, creative businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs.

As a Holistic Health Coach, she helps women —particularly other Mamas — figure out how to prioritise their own self-care and implement healthy habits to in turn be able to raise healthy, happy families.

She shares inspiration for healthy and happy living through her Radiant Sprout Instagram and Facebook page and with her own website also coming soon.

You can connect with Jenna regarding freelance writing and coaching enquiries at jenna@radiantsprout.com

Leah Davies


Leah is a purpose-filled writer, human rights activist and coach for budding wordsmiths who is driven to cultivate change through our stories.

Her conscious communications consultancy Paper Planes Connect is a place to celebrate our difference and to unite in our sameness.

Using her experience as a journalist and international development worker, she supports the socially conscious to platform their voice and create positive, equitable and sustainable change, both big and small.

Stefanie Labrooy-Nollenberger

Digital Specialist

Stefanie La Brooy-Nollenberger and her team at Elf Creative are the digital genius’ behind the gorgeous new Daily Guru website. The Daily Guru has partnered with Elf Creative due to their exceptional creativity, innovative digital solutions and mirroring values of wanting to surprise and delight our clients.

Elf Creative offer a variety of digital solutions for small to medium sizes business, bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Stefanie Nollenberger, Founder of Elf creative is passionate about helping people create online platforms which are customer friendly, creative and simple to navigate. We are delighted to have them as an extension to The Daily Guru team and cant wait to share even more digital delights created by Elf Creative.
If you would like to get in touch with Elf Creative please email: stefanie@elfcreative.com.au